How Often Should I Eat?

Should I eat often or less frequently? Tricky question for some of us as it depends on your personal lifestyle. New studies are finding that a shorter "eating window" could possibly boost weight loss. A study published in a 2015 issue of Cell Metabolism concluded that among participants more than half of adults eat for 15 hours or longer every day. They suggest that reducing your daily eating duration can aid weight loss along with the quality of your diet. We’ll get to quality in my next blog but I’m sure you all know eating your fruits and vegetables is a good start!

Weight loss can happen when we increase the amount of healthy food we consume. Eat higher quality foods and create an eating schedule that allows you to reach and maintain a healthy weight. The best way to determine how often YOU should eat is to evaluate your schedule and try and keep a food journal for a few days until you get in a groove that works for you. When you are most likely to have food cravings?  When you are most likely to feel real hunger? (not boredom or emotional stress eating) Those are the times to schedule healthy meals and snacks.

Simple steps like staying hydrated and making sure your mind and body are well rested will help you along as you plan when your meals will benefit you. Everyone's schedule is different so don't worry if you're eating schedule is not the same as others or what you see in the magazines or on websites. What matters most is your diet quality and overall health. Do your best to choose nutritious foods that are naturally low in calories to keep your overall calorie intake in line. As I’ve said in the past…keep it real!


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